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How To Get Started In Real Estate And What To Do First!

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How To Get Started In Real Estate And What To Do First!

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Setting Expectations for a Realtor - I've talked about how to handle rejection from a realtor in a previous post and now I want to discuss how to set expectations for a realtor. In the business of investing and wholesaling real estate, you WILL work realtors. Having a strong relationship with your realtor is extremely important. I highly recommend working to [...]
Financial Benefits of Rental Properties - My Dad is 62 years old and is beginning to really think about his retirement funds. He has come to the realization that he is not currently in a position to live comfortably in retirement relying solely on his 401K. I discussed all the benefits of owning a rental property with him and he quickly [...]
The Building Blocks of Business - As I look back on when I first started out in this business, there are things I would do differently now. I obviously can't go back in time BUT I CAN TELL YOU what I would have done differently in the hope that it helps you get your business off to a very successful start. [...]

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After learning and understanding Mark's system I directed all of my focus to wholesaling and it has completely changed my life.  I now have deals being done in several areas at the same time resulting in more checks being cashed than ever before. Thank you Mark!!! *

- C.J.

The manner in which Mark explains wholesaling makes it extremely simple and easy to understand so that anyone who has the desire to learn and put forth effort toward this venture can do it.  Those who apply what they learn from Mark's teaching and direction will have the ability to alter their financial course of destiny for themselves and their family for generations to come. *

- Seth Hanson

I built up a new market, got my first deal accepted and made my first profit of $8,300 in less than 45 days.  I can't wait till they are coming in like this on a regular basis.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. *

- Dan Kruse